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What Are Consumers Buying with Crypto? Download the New Crypto Spending Report 2020

  • September 30, 2020

crypto-report-232x300, What Are Consumers Buying with Crypto? Download the New Crypto Spending Report 2020, BlockCard, Ternio BlockCard, BlockCard crypto fintech platform, crypto debit card, crypto card, cryptocurrency card, cryptocurrency debit card, virtual debit card, bitcoin card, ethereum card, litecoin card, bitcoin debit card, ethereum debit card, litecoin debit card, Ternio, TERN, BlockCard Blog Cryptocurrency Are crypto enthusiasts holding their digital currencies, like investments? Or are they actually using digital currencies as currencies?

To gain insight into the spending habits of digital currency users, BlockCard and Bitcoin Market Journal polled 35,000+ blockchain investors. The results were surprising.

Nearly 70% of digital currency users are spending them on products and services, including categories like food, housing, and education.

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What’s more, digital currency users say they would spend even more, if there was wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies among merchants and retailers.

It is a very encouraging report for the crypto industry, and the first of its kind. Click here to download the full report.

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